Links Between Texting and Driving and Danger

By | August 17, 2015

More focus and scientific research is proving that preoccupied driving behavior leads to injuries and fatalities across U.S. roadways. Using cell phones while driving have become the center of attention for public health efforts and public debate because using cell phones while driving has become so common and texting. Based on National Traffic Highway Safety Administration, through the day almost 660,000 motorists are using their cell phones while driving. Campaigns urging motorists to put down their cell phones also to concentrate on simply driving are being brought to the forefront by cell phone carriers, car manufacturers, vehicle insurance providers, public health organizations and more. However while the messages of texting while driving are common and motorists have become more alert to the dangers connected with using cellphones and texting behind the wheel, behavior are not necessarily revealing any change. Especially as it pertains to the youngest drivers, the newly licensed and inexperienced teenage drivers in the nation.  Many result in accidents that take experienced  deerfield beach accident lawyers to handle.

A survey performed by the AAA Foundation in conjunction with Seventeen magazine found that 94 percent of teen drivers know that texting while driving is not safe. Nevertheless, even with such a higher percentage of adolescents knowing the dangers, 35 percent of teenagers still text behind the wheel. While the recently licensed motorists were more prone to put down the phone when driving, mature teenaged motorists were grown with by the speeds of texting while driving. The USA government’s website states that 11 percent of drivers between 18-20 were sending or receiving text messages when involved in a car accident.

“We represent people who have been injured by distracted drivers, and feel it’s significant our company help raise awareness in spreading the message of the dangers of teen distracted driving.”

Together with these other organizations are creating positive change by raising awareness of the risks of texting while driving. Each of these organizations has programs and helpful hints on their websites on your adolescent as well as to help prevent distracted driving customs for you: