If I Receive a Ticket, Does That Mean the Accident is My Fault

By | July 21, 2015

While millions of claims are filed each year, not all of them result in tickets. Even if you did not receive a ticket, you may be at fault for the accident. One of the most common concerns people have when getting into an automobile accident is receiving a ticket. Individuals who are looking to file an accident report may become apprehensive. Generally speaking, a ticket from an accident will go on the accident report and can result in points being added to one’s driver’s license.

When Is a Ticket Issued?

Tickets are typically only issued after a thorough investigation of the causes of the accident. After interviewing witnesses, evaluating traffic conditions, and studying the positions of the vehicles, the officer will then make a judgement as to whether or not a traffic ticket should be issued. If the officer has found that a driver has violated a traffic law, then most likely the insurance company will agree with the officer that the responsibility of the accident belongs to the driver to whom the ticket was issued. However, this applies only if negligence is the reason for the accident occurring in the first place. Sometimes, both drivers in an accident have been cited for violations of traffic laws.


Wrongly Issued Tickets
Many have been wrongly issued citations for moving violations for which they were not responsible. In this case, the defendant of a traffic ticket should fight the ticket. Hire an attorney and plead not guilty when the ticket goes to traffic court. There is a great deal of circumstantial evidence often required in order for there to be a solid proof of the factors which contributed to the damage to the other vehicle. Also, insurance companies are not willing to pay for claims without investigating the cause of the accident first. Keep in mind that the officer whom issued the citation must testify in court, and there must be direct evidence which would put a driver at fault for an accident. Tickets are not always issued justly, so there are plenty of reasons in which they can be contested in court. Thus, it is usually worth the extra time and hassle to fight a ticket in court which comes as a direct response to an accident.