Georgia State Patrol looks into cause of fatal car accident

By | May 5, 2017

When a fatal crash occurs, those who knew and loved the victims are left with questions about the delray beach car accident. Most of the questions center on what happened and whether anyone was at fault. But sometimes investigations can take a while.

This may be the case regarding a fatal accident that occurred on Friday last week in southern Georgia. The accident was particularly devastating: five people were killed and a young boy was seriously injured.

From what police know, two men had been in an SUV when the driver drifted into the oncoming traffic lane. A pickup truck was coming in their direction. The woman driving the pickup truck had three of her grandchildren with her.

When she realized that a car was about to hit her, she swerved in an attempt to avoid the SUV. But the driver of the SUV had the same idea and also swerved to get out of the way. Though both drivers tried to avoid a collision, the cars once again ended up in the same lane and collided head-on.

The two men in the pickup truck did not survive the accident. The grandmother and two of her grandchildren were killed as well. The surviving grandson was immediately transported to a local medical center for treatment.

Investigators have determined that neither driver was under the influence of alcohol. But the question still remains: why did the pickup truck drift into oncoming traffic? Had the driver been on his cell phone at the time? Was there another type of distraction? Was there a dangerous road condition that contributed to the accident?