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Georgia State Patrol looks into cause of fatal car accident

When a fatal crash occurs, those who knew and loved the victims are left with questions about the delray beach car accident. Most of the questions center on what happened and whether anyone was at fault. But sometimes investigations can take a while. This may be the case regarding a fatal accident that occurred on Friday… Read More »

Birth certificate to include three parents’ names

Courts in Columbus and across the country usually put the best interests of the child as top priority when it comes to making child custody decisions. A lot of courts tend to favor a shared parenting arrangement, unless unusual circumstances show that one parent is not suitable. Most people might agree that having a variety of people… Read More »

Discrimination and Other Employment Litigation

Our Norfolk employment lawyers represent employers in employment disputes, such as employment discrimination and sexual harassment charges and litigation, including claims of age, sex, race, national origin and disability discrimination.  We also represent employers in related tort claims, including negligent hiring and retention, intentional infliction of emotional distress, defamation, invasion of privacy and similar claims. We… Read More »

Aging population means more people are at risk for elder abuse

As the nation’s population gets progressively older, the proportion of people at risk for elder abuse also grows. Older people with dementia or Alzheimer’s are particularly at risk, according to advocates. Elder abuse can take place in the home, at a relative’s house, or in a nursing home or other assisted care facility. Life expectancies are significantly… Read More »

Motorcyclists’ Risk of Death May Depend on Race, Not Helmets

In the last decade, the number of motorcycle-related fatalities has risen to a record high. Annually, almost 5,000 people die from motorcycle accidents, and this has sparked a widespread movement for motorcycle safety, mainly focusing on encouraging (and requiring) riders to wear helmets. However, a new study shows that a motorcyclist’s race may affect his… Read More »

US Immigration Laws

The state of California has once again made headlines in U.S. immigration laws due to controversial legislation that is slated for a hearing before the Judiciary Committee of the California State Assembly tomorrow. Specifically, the Judiciary Committee’s hearing will revolve around the Secure Immigrations Enforcement Act, or Assembly Bill 26 (AB 26) as it is… Read More »

Dedicated Ohio Lawyers

Regulations company is to assisting sufferers of automobile accidents through the State-Of Ohio dedicated. Statistically, car crash instances displayed in higher negotiations for sufferers by skilled car crash attorneys result. The customers have obtained huge amount of money. Shouldn’t you supply for the household and be doing that which you may to safeguard? Cecil might… Read More »

DUI Cases Headed Your Way

By examining all stages of one’s charge a fruitful Ohio DUI defense lawyer will start your protection. Working out guides utilized by law enforcement are supply a success of info that may be used-to protect a DUI in Vancouver, WA situation and a fruitful device. Working out guide claims there are, generally, three stages before… Read More »

Different Types of Truck Accidents in Houston

Tail Incidents Rear end crashes are one of accidents’ most typical kinds. If you are hit by a vehicle from behind, it’s going to rarely be your problem, even although you were ceased. One fundamental principle that is driving is the fact that you are designed to depart enough space before your vehicle once the… Read More »