Discrimination and Other Employment Litigation

Our Norfolk employment lawyers represent employers in employment disputes, such as employment discrimination and sexual harassment charges and litigation, including claims of age, sex, race, national origin and disability discrimination.  We also represent employers in related tort claims, including negligent hiring and retention, intentional infliction of emotional distress, defamation, invasion of privacy and similar claims.

We also handle other statutory, contractual and common law employment claims, including enforcement and defense of covenants not to compete, protection of trade secrets, breach of contract, breach of fiduciary duties and similar issues that arise out of the employment relationship.

Civil Rights and Voting Rights Litigation

We represent government entities and individuals accused of violating constitutional rights in state and federal court.  We defend against claims of lack of due process, excessive force, First Amendment retaliation, and wrongful death.  In addition, we defend claims involving medical care in correctional settings.  The firm also represents governmental entities in voting rights and election litigation.

Employment Counseling

We assist businesses in minimizing the risks of litigation. We provide employee relations advice across the board, from how to structure employment applications and conduct interviews to how to discipline and terminate employees.  For many smaller businesses, we provide a Human Resources function. For those who have their own Human Resources staff, we work directly with them, or with legal or corporate executives, helping deal with problem employees and address employee relations and benefits problems as soon as they are identified.

Aging population means more people are at risk for elder abuse

As the nation’s population gets progressively older, the proportion of people at risk for elder abuse also grows. Older people with dementia or Alzheimer’s are particularly at risk, according to advocates. Elder abuse can take place in the home, at a relative’s house, or in a nursing home or other assisted care facility.

Life expectancies are significantly longer than they were a generation ago. The number of people who live to be 90 and older has tripled over the last 30 years and will likely quadruple within the next 40 years. About 13 percent of the total population is now over 65

People who are victims of abuse in a nursing home may have a variety of injuries as a result, depending on the type of abuse and the severity. Family members who are suspicious of abuse in a nursing home facility should consult an outside medical professional to evaluate injuries. If signs of abuse are found, it may be helpful to contact an attorney to pursue compensation from the responsible parties and help end the abuse if there are other victims.

Non-profit nursing homes have sprung up in several states around the country to treat victims of elder abuse, but personal injury attorneys in Portland, OR say there should be more safe havens for the elderly. “Nationally, we’ve been aware of the need for elder abuse shelters, but they’ve been slow in coming into fruition,” said a spokesperson for the AARP. The centers provide therapy, legal services, pastoral care, social workers, and other recreational activities.



Motorcyclists’ Risk of Death May Depend on Race, Not Helmets

In the last decade, the number of motorcycle-related fatalities has risen to a record high. Annually, almost 5,000 people die from motorcycle accidents, and this has sparked a widespread movement for motorcycle safety, mainly focusing on encouraging (and requiring) riders to wear helmets. However, a new study shows that a motorcyclist’s race may affect his chances of death more than whether he wears a helmet.
According to a recent study from Johns Hopkins University, African-Americans involved in motorcycle accidents are more likely to die from their injuries than whites in similar crashes. This is so even though more black motorcyclists regularly wear helmets.
Researchers, who analyzed the National Trauma Data Bank’s information on the almost 70,000 people involved in motorcycle accidents between 2002 and 2006, have not determined the reasons for the disparity. Earlier research theorized that factors such as reduced access to health insurance and care or a greater number of pre-existing injuries contributed to the increased likelihood of motorcycle-related death. However, the Johns Hopkins research found that, after controlling for these factors, black motorcyclists were 1.5 times more likely to suffer fatal injuries while also 30 percent more likely to be wearing helmets.
Although further research is needed and planned, researchers now believe that the racial disparity may be attributed to behavioral differences, such as more dangerous driving behaviors or the type of helmet or motorcycle used.
According to Dr. Adil Haider, a professor of surgery and co-director of the Johns Hopkins Center for Surgical Trials and Outcomes Research, the research indicates that more research needs to be done. “For reasons that we are still trying to figure out, one size of injury prevention does not fit all groups of people and just wearing a helmet is not enough,” Haider said. “Helmet for helmet, African-Americans have more lethal injuries.” Haider says that more focus should be placed on injury prevention programs that go beyond helmets to prevent future motorcycle deaths.

US Immigration Laws

The state of California has once again made headlines in U.S. immigration laws due to controversial legislation that is slated for a hearing before the Judiciary Committee of the California State Assembly tomorrow.
Specifically, the Judiciary Committee’s hearing will revolve around the Secure Immigrations Enforcement Act, or Assembly Bill 26 (AB 26) as it is more commonly known.
Sponsored by Assemblyman Tim Donnelly (R-Hesperia), AB 26 would enact a comprehensive series of immigration reforms, including some of the following:
• Requiring all employers in the state to use the E-Verify program to confirm the immigration status of employees
• Ending the practice of so-called “sanctuary cities” enacting policies that are friendly to undocumented immigrants
• Mandating that law enforcement officials impound all vehicles determined to be driven by undocumented immigrants
• Ordering law enforcement officials to verify the immigration status of all people arrested and believed to be living in the United States illegally
Rep. Donnelly’s primary justification for the bill is that it would cut costs by scaling back the social services provided to undocumented immigrants and give law enforcement a new weapon in the fight against illegal immigration.
“Our hope is that the strong support of the bill will draw attention to the Legislature to a critical issue that affects every Californian,” said Donnelly. “We hope this won’t be just a party-line vote and that the legislators on the committee will see how critical the issue is to the state of California.”
Critics of the bill argue that AB 26 is far too similar to SB1070 – Arizona’s controversial and rather stringent immigration law – and that it unduly discriminates against the Latino community in California.
“It would impact our communities,” said social justice leader Natalie Diaz. “We live in Latino communities, and it’s harmful to our communities because we all work here and help each other out.”
Interestingly, several Assembly members have already stepped forward to predict that AB 26 will quickly go down in flames.
“It will die a quick and appropriate death in its first committee, and we will not hear from it again,” said Assemblyman Gil Cedillo (D-Los Angeles). “During difficult economic times, immigrants are easy targets. They are scapegoats.”
Stay tuned for further developments in the area of U.S. immigration law …
Due to the continued complexity of immigration laws with respect to naturalization and the exposure to facing a denial of this petition, it is critical to speak with a legal professional who has extensive specialized knowledge and experience in immigration law in Vermont.
This post was provided for informational purposes only and is not to be construed as legal advice.

Dangerous Intersection Close to Home May Have Killed Loving Couple

A sixty-seven year old preacher and his wife were killed in a Lauderdale Lakes car crash only a few blocks from their east Tampa residence on Thursday, September 4th. The intersection of 34th Street and Chelsea Street is regarded as a dangerous intersection by residents of the neighborhood. Over 100 people attended the scene of the crash with some complaining of the level of danger at the intersection.
Neighbors said views of oncoming traffic at the intersection are obstructed by a building on the northeast corner of Chelsea Street. The obstruction forces drivers to pull out beyond the traffic signs to observe oncoming vehicles.

Police said the other driver was heading south on 34th Street, and the car driven by the preacher was heading east on Chelsea Street. Traffic at the intersection is unregulated on 34th Street, and there is a two-way stop sign on Chelsea Street. The driver’s side of the couple’s car was crushed when the two cars collided. As of Thursday, investigators did not have a cause for the crash.
After working for years as a garbage collector for the City of Tampa, the minister took to his life’s calling – preaching. Often, he traveled out of state to spread his Christian message, and his wife worked at a nursing home close to their house.

According to the couple’s sister-in-law, the sixty-seven year old preacher typically drove his wife to work and picked her up at the end of the day. They rarely spent time apart.
“They loved one another so much,” added the sister-in-law, “and they died right there together.”

Dedicated Ohio Lawyers

Regulations company is to assisting sufferers of automobile accidents through the State-Of Ohio dedicated. Statistically, car crash instances displayed in higher negotiations for sufferers by skilled car crash attorneys result. The customers have obtained huge amount of money. Shouldn’t you supply for the household and be doing that which you may to safeguard? Cecil might help.

Lots of people are annoyed by the delays by providers along with being traumatized by a car collision. In such instances car crash lawyers might help. Whether it’s currently maintaining your state suing to obtain only payment in Kansas or shifting through the labyrinth; a Cleveland car accident attorney might help.

Until your situation is resolved it’ll set you back nothing. Contact us nowadays or complete an incident analysis form and obtain free guidance about your incident in one of our Kansas car crash lawyers.

DUI Cases Headed Your Way

By examining all stages of one’s charge a fruitful Ohio DUI defense lawyer will start your protection. Working out guides utilized by law enforcement are supply a success of info that may be used-to protect a DUI in Vancouver, WA situation and a fruitful device. Working out guide claims there are, generally, three stages before an individual can be imprisoned to get a DUI in Ohio. The very first stage is watching the automobile in-motion, followed closely with the driver by individual contact and lastly a pre- screening, which often contains the field exercises. Occasionally even more or each one of those stages might be absent. For instance, coming towards the picture of the driver and also the motor vehicle accident is terribly hurt. Or coming to some left vehicle having a driver sleeping driving. Or perhaps a driver declining to do field exercises.

In most three stages you will find defenses reasons and accessible to become designed to knock-down the situation of the justice. Within the first stage, for instance, you will find 24 hints that are operating:

The 24 Visual Hints Of Driving of nHTSA:

Weaving Inside The Same Street
Across Street Lines
Straddling A Street Line
Switching Having A Broad Distance
Nearly Striking Other Item Or An Automobile
Issues Preventing Properly
Accelerating Decelerating For No Reason
Various Pace
Heading More Below The Speed-Limit Or Five
Operating On Side Of Wrong Or Street Way Down Oneway Street
Slow To Respond E.G, To Traffic Signs. Light Change
Slow To React To Officer’S Indicators
Preventing In Street For No Reason
Driving At Times Without On
Failure To Incorrect Or Sign Signaling
Following Directly
Improper Lane-Change/ Hazardous Lane-Change
Incorrect Or Illegal Switch
Driving On Apart From The Specified Highway
Preventing Wrongly In Reaction To Specialist
Improper Or Unusual Behaviour
Showing Reduced
Not all driveris exhibit 24 hints therefore a fruitful protection during test would be to emphasize all of the hints the driver didn’t display. Actually in several DUI circumstances it’s common to determine two hints or perhaps just one. That provides US – 23 or 22 hints the driver didn’t display. they state plus the court learns this, “Delay another this person wasn’t that good.” But we’re not completed yet.

Different Types of Truck Accidents in Houston

Tail Incidents

Rear end crashes are one of accidents’ most typical kinds. If you are hit by a vehicle from behind, it’s going to rarely be your problem, even although you were ceased. One fundamental principle that is driving is the fact that you are designed to depart enough space before your vehicle once the vehicle before you stops abruptly to prevent. He/she possibly was not operating properly when the driver behind you cannot end.

While the tail of one car is damaged and the front-end of another car is broken, there is really not significantly to dispute about who struck who. However the driver who struck you might have a state against even the car behind him that pressed him into your vehicle or a 3rd party driver that triggered one to quit abruptly. It doesn’t influence her or his responsibility to your vehicle for that harm.

You may even be partly at fault in case your neglect led towards the incident though another driver was possibly to blame. For instance, you’d a set tire and chose to stay in the center of the street or in case your brake lamps were out, you may even keep some relative neglect that’ll lower your financial payment.

Left- Collisions

Likewise, accidents that are left are nearly always the problem of the driver getting the turn that is left. Vehicles arriving directly into an intersection may have the best of method generally, producing the vehicle turning quit accountable for the incident. When the vehicle operates a red-light or heading straight-through the junction is rushing, this might change all the responsibility or some from the vehicle turning. Seldom, when the vehicle began although it was secure to do this rotating left, but was pressured to prevent due to some unexpected situation, then a few of the responsibility might be moved.

Ways to Get Help

Although small fender benders usually could be solved by simply trading insurance info, actually small incidents can lead to severe accidents. Have a skilled damage Houston truck accident lawyer evaluation your claim-free of cost when you have been hurt in a vehicle accident. When you have a legitimate state, several lawyers may delay before your situation to gather their costs has resolved.

Stereotactic Radiosurgery Errors and Problems

There’s a saying that sometimes the cure is worse than the disease. For more than a few stereotactic radiosurgery (SRS) patients around the country, the cure may have turned out to be more devastating than the disease. One of the many scary facts of the SRS cases is that the post-surgery injuries took months to manifest, so a nationwide warning went out after perhaps thousands of patients had undergone the procedure.
SRS involves fairly new radiation technology, and it’s quickly gained in popularity. In the old days, even a small brain tumor or spinal cord injury required high-risk, complicated surgery. The risk of injuring healthy tissue weighed on every patient’s and surgeon’s mind as they discussed the procedure.
SRS, on the other hand, allows pinpoint accuracy in the delivery of large, highly concentrated doses of radiation. The device that can achieve this kind of precision is the Gamma Knife, but the Gamma Knife runs on radioactive material and generates radioactive waste. A linear accelerator, the device most commonly used in SRS, generates radiation without using radioactive materials. Safer for the surgical team, cheaper for the hospital — the linear accelerator looks like the way to go.
However, according to research conducted by the New York Times and many injury attorneys in Naples, FL, many of the linear accelerators used in SRS have been adapted from models used in standard radiation therapy. More experience with the retrofitted devices led to further enhancements, but the piling on of electronic parts resulted in components not being able to communicate with other components. One critic called it a “mix and match treatment delivery system” — a delivery system that made serious surgical errors possible, even when the manufacturer’s instructions were followed.

At Fault in an Auto Crash

Fault in an auto crash is usually dependent on the state where the injury happened. State laws change significantly, therefore it is vital that you make contact with a skilled attorney to decide if the state has a fault or no- fault.

Fault states: In a fault-based system, insurance providers pay according to the measure of fault of every party.

No-Fault States: As the tort (suit) system has resulted in a lot of long and expensive court battles over who was responsible and to what degree, policymakers in many states shifted from a fault-based system to some sort of a no-fault system.

Under no-fault automobile insurance laws, the motorist that is great will not need to show the crash was the fault of somebody else before getting damages. His insurance carrier picks up rehabilitation costs, medical debts and lost wages up to the quantity spent. The tradeoff is the other motorist is sued by the wounded man cannot for pain and suffering, mental distress and annoyance. (In case your home is in a no-fault state, the no-fault part of your car insurance policy is generally called PIP or personal injury protection.)

    • Florida
    • Hawaii
    • Kansas
    • Kentucky
    • Massachusetts
    • Michigan
    • Minnesota
    • Pennsylvania
    • Utah

Other factors come into play if you got a DUI in Tacoma, WA.

Unlike damages for bodily injury claims, insurance claims continue to be according to fault, in regards to physical harm to your own vehicle or its contents. Those claims are handled in exactly the same manner as those in a state having a fault law: looking for your personal collision insurance or by filing a suit from the poor driver.

Suits, nevertheless, are allowed for harms matching with a specific threshold, the meaning of which varies greatly on the list of no-fault PIP states. An injured person can sue whether the claim exceeds either a financial or verbal (illustrative) brink. In financial threshold states (see below), medical expenses have to be over a specific dollar amount. In verbal (illustrative) brink PIP states (see below), harms should be comparatively intense (major loss of use of body part, disfigurement, permanent impairment, bone fracture) or conveyed in relation to duration of impairment (total handicap over 180 days). Some states have if he meets either one, both, where case an injured person has the ability to file a liability claim.

Due to the different hybrid vehicles in the PIP packaging, whether it is possible to file an injury liability claim actually depends on the details of your state’s no-fault auto law. Your best first task would be to get in touch with an auto crash lawyer to discuss the way the applicable state law looks at fault and the way your right to recoup damages changes.